Its a seed that still could pop

Did the project fail? It failed going viral, but for me it was still a per­son­al suc­cess. I won in over­com­ing my per­son­al fears of going out there and just do it. I nev­er regret doing it, it made me proud that I man­aged to bring this to times square. If I was able to do this, any­body else can do this. For me it could be a seed, that still could pop. I can see now even more that its about open­ing up a dialog, on the bases that there is an con­nec­tion we can share and that we can give it a voice. Its not about a one-way com­mu­ni­ca­tion, its about a dialog, ques­tion, answer, where we all talk and lis­ten. Let’s lis­ten to each oth­er, like good musi­cians, and cre­ate a beau­ti­ful sound of love and peace togeth­er. Wouldn’t that be won­der­ful?

If you like to be part of a pos­si­ble fol­low up, then sign up here, and if we are enough peo­ple, you will get informed. You can also just take the idea and make it your own, what­ev­er will make this seed pop, and help to expe­ri­ence this world­wide con­nec­tion.


Love­pro­ject 2.0?
Give it some water.