7: Afterglow

Reac­tions to the Bill­board

Tours of Vision and the stu­dents and teach­ers at Palmyra-Mace­don HS cel­e­brate the mes­sage of LOVE

Bernard Stol­mann, ESP Records, about the Love Bill­board

I wasn’t able to be there for the whole time it was on dis­play, but I man­aged to spend some time doing som video-inter­views with peo­ple in front and around the Bill­board. Most peo­ple didn’t know what the bill­board was about, but when I point­ed out that it was an art­pro­ject, most peo­ple con­nect­ed the sym­bol­ism to peace. There was no indi­ca­tion from myside, that I want­ed peo­ple to copy the idea, and do it alike. I was hop­ing that it would trig­ger that inner wish for peace inside of them, and that they then would act accord­ing­ly to that. I thought there might be a chanche, but of course the stakes where very high.

I also got intro­duced to Alve­nia Bridges who lives around the cor­ner. She used to be a famous mod­el, very close the the rolling stones, friends with Jim­my Hen­drix. She want­ed to bring the sto­ry to the rolling stone mag­a­zine but want­ed to know first, where the project is going to go after­wards. She want­ed a clear goal and mes­sage, but there was no real plan from my side how to keep going and that kind a made the sto­ry obso­lete for the mag­a­zine. That was it.

I keept think­ing about what could be a clear goal… To pro­mote a world in peace, to help… to inspire, to.… What­ev­er I thought it was nev­er real­ly right, may­be to big, to vague, to unde­fined. For some peo­ple peace means war. So it should for shure be clear that its about non-vio­lence. One thing as a mes­sage I came up with was «Don’t turn vio­lent in a moment of cri­sis». When the world get’s crazy, and peo­ple only see ene­mys, then may­be that might be the most impor­tant mes­sage to be remindet of. What ever you believe is right, dont use vio­lence. Calme down, think again, try not to be part of the prob­lem.

So I fig­ured that its not so easy to define peace. Even we think that we know what it is. If we start to dig deep­er, it might get com­pli­cat­ed. What you read in the ABOUT page, was not that clear­ly for­mu­lat­ed when the project hap­pend. Its the result of many relfex­ions after­wards.

In the process I got con­tact­ed by Harold W. Beck­er who hap­pend to cre­ate a glob­al love day, right on that same day that we had our open­ing. And he as done it ever since, every year on May 1. You can read more about his project here. In gen­er­al a sim­il­iar idea, but a bit dif­fer­ent in its exe­cu­tion.

Mary Mar­t­in about the Love Bill­board

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