Thank You

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Design Spin­ner: Deb­bie Maghonie


Kom­po­si­tion and pro­duc­tion of the lovesong: Lar­ry Edoff,


Agent for the Bill­board: Michael Arnold


Thank you Rober­to Mar­mam­ba for brain­storm­ing with me and hav­ing an open ear for this project. Andrea Huber for inspir­ing the idea of the 99 Baloons. Sacha Zbinden for com­ing with me to New York. Kuno Fis­cher, Sacha, Rober­to for brain­storm­ing with me right before the first try. Thank you to all the peo­ple who I didn’t mean­tion here but helped me to get this going.


1. May

Michael Case Kissel for help­ing to gath­er the red bal­lons in his stu­dio and then help­ing to give them out to the peo­ple. Deb­bie Maghonie, Lar­ry Edoff, Charles Blass for also bee­ing there and help­ing to deliv­er the bal­loons to the peo­ple. Also thank you to the spon­sors who where there to help out. For Adri­an Müller tak­ing the pho­tos:

Sponsors Billboard

Thank you for the spon­sors on the Bill­board.




Thank you to Christoph Reich­muth from the Luzern­er Zeitung to write about it

Thank you to to come by and write about it

Thank you to the Scarls­days News


Thank you Tim­buk­tu Post­cards in Luzern to print them out for free


Thank you for the peo­ple who donat­ed mon­ey to the project:


From 24th March 2003 until 12th Octo­ber 2003 a total of Fr. 2950.- was raised in Europe. 4000U$ where given by the Spon­sors on the Bill­board. The rest was paid by the artist him­self.


Fam. Appoldt, Ebikon 750.-
Andrea Helfen­stein und Hans Kopp, Ebikon 100.-
Fam. Meifert, Biele­feld, Deutsch­land 150.-
…et al. Oekolo­gie Sup­port, Luzern 100.-
Manue­la Moll und Alexan­der Breisach, Freiburg, Deutsch­land 100.-
Fam. Moll, Freiburg, Deutsch­land 175.-
Daniel Röt­tele, Zürich 300.-
Andrea und Erich Büt­tler, Ebikon 100.-
Fam. Knobloch, Freis­ing, Deutsch­land 225.-
Judith Ester­mann, Luzern 100.-
Anonyme Spenden 250.-
Michelle Doer­rer 100.-
Eva Gat­tik­er 100.-
Brigit­te Häfliger 100.-
Heinz Hrovat 100.-
Christoph und Vrene Noger-Dubacher 100.-