2: Incubation

You can do it. But how, but when?

Over the years this idea of a glob­al love­pro­ject stayed with me, but even in its sim­plic­i­ty it seamed to me very com­plex and dif­fi­cult to put into form. Could a project like this also get out of con­trol? Do we even need some­body to encour­age us to be out­spo­ken about Love? I also thought that it was a bit nuts. But still, I went to New York to make images of Times Square, I made some visu­als to see how it could look like, talked to peo­ple about it, and start­ed sketch­ing down a plan, how this could be made real. 

9/11 came and marked a turn­ing point. We all felt then, that our world would not be the same after. Soon after 9/11 the US-Gov­ern­ment talked about Iraq being on the axis of evil, and in the year after, the pres­sure on Iraq was increased. It looked like a war was on its way. May­be It was time to call for this dor­mant wish of glob­al love and peace, to remind us of the peace wish we once had as a child.

Image above: Visu­al­i­sa­tion of Times Square coverd with Man­dalas, as a sym­bol for mul­ti­c­ul­tre (Foto:????)

Free Visu­al­i­sa­tion of Times Square with the words «I love you»