The call for love

In the sum­mer of 2002 I start­ed to ded­i­cate more time to the project. My Free­lance Job at the time helped me to save some mon­ey. I had a lit­tle bud­get. So I went to New York to explore payable loca­tions in Times Square. Through a friend I found an agent that was able to orga­nize me a bill­board in Times Square by short notice. This was per­fect, because I didn’t want to set a date yet, and rather wait for a per­fect moment to get as much press as pos­si­ble. The per­fect moment would be just right before a pos­si­ble war might start.

I also used my time to do Videoin­t­er­views with ran­dom­ly cho­sen Peo­ple to ask them about, what’s peace for them.

See more Inter­views here

Inter­view with Mike Kissel, Music Pro­duc­er, NYC (1949 — 2009)

With a writ­ten down con­cept I also got sup­port from the lucerne col­lege of com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Pro­fes­sor Schwarz and her stu­dents helped me to come up with a con­cept for the web­page and how to improve it.

Worldart.ch was the non-prof­it organ­i­sa­tion sup­port­ing the project at the time, but was nev­er real­ly present in the process. The only remain ist now the domain.