The Love­pro­ject



The Way of Love is in the oppo­si­tion of vio­lence. Love tries to under­stand, to con­vince, to bring things alive. Because of that, the ones that love are always trans­form­ing them­selves. They feel more, see more, are pro­duc­tive, and are more them­selves. Love doesn’t mean weak­ness or being sen­ti­men­tal. It’s rather a method to influ­ence and change things, with­out the dan­ger­ous side effects like vio­lence. Oth­er than in vio­lence, love needs inner strengths and fore­most courage.

«To have or to be» — Erich Fromm

The Love­pro­ject was an Art­pro­ject by Rudi-Renoir Appoldt and took place 1. May 2003, in Times Square New York. Its inten­tion was to use Adver­tise­ment Space to inspire thoughts about Love and how it con­nects us glob­a­ly, and inspire a poss­bile glob­al viral effect.

If you like to know more about, what inspired the project and how it came along please fol­low the links below.